On Remembrance of Allah

  • Posted on: 23 November 2014
  • By: Admin RSY

O Muslims, Allah The Most High says which translates as:
“Remember Me, and I will remember you, give thanks to Me and do not be ungrateful”
(Al-Baqarah: 152).
Our duty, we the people of Islam, is that we ponder the concept of remembrance, so that its
meaning becomes clear to us, and that we may perhaps fulfill its right. Allah says which
translates as: “So when you have finished the rites of Hajj than remember Allah” (AlBaqarah:
Remembrance, O beloved brothers and sisters, is encompassing, it cannot be constrained to
certain areas, or placed in general precepts of statements and actions, ideas and beliefs.
Remembrance is not an hour of calling out to your Lord; limited to the morning or the
evening, in the mosque or in a Mihrab (niche), and after which, the servant travels about in
all places of the earth heedlessly, doing as he wishes and acting as he pleases. The one alive
with the remembrance of his Lord, who is truly practicing his Deen, realizes that his Lord is
watching him in every situation, wherever he may be. His path of actions and activities being
in accordance with the commands of his Lord and his prohibitions, he acknowledges his human weakness, and therefore seeks the assistance of his Lord in everything that befalls and
worries him.
Concerning this, Saeed bin Jubair (may Allah have mercy upon him) said: “Everyone who
performs an action out of the obedience to Allah then he is one who remembers Allah the
Most High”.
The Muslim who remembers Allah, - awakes and sleeps, sits and stands, leaves in the
morning and returns in the evening, and in him there is a deep feeling that the beating of his
heart, and the rotation of his eyes and the movement of his limbs, - all are in the grasp of
Allah and under his control. In him there is a deep feeling of faith, that the coming of the
night and the approach of the day, the breath of dawn and the setting of the twilight, the
movements of creation and the orbits of the planets … all of that is by the power of Allah and
through his decree. Allah says which translates as: “Those that remember their lord standing
sitting and upon their sides, and ponder the creation of the heavens and the earth with the
thought: Oh our lord not for and foolish purpose did you create all of this, Glory to you,
grant us salvation from the punishment of the fire” (Aal-‘Imran: 191).
A man feels no true pleasure in life, nor tastes any true happiness except a man who loves
Allah, is loved by Allah, and loves for the sake of Allah. Such a man’s heart is tranquil due to
his remembrance of Allah. He is happy about the good, which occurs to the creation and feels
their pains. He helps others in fulfilling their goals, while his tongue remembers Allah saying:
“O Allah, never has a blessing come to me or anyone from your creation except that it is
from you alone, You have no partners, You alone deserve all praise and gratitude” (Al
Nisa’i, Ibn Hibban, Abu Dawood).
O Muslim brothers and sisters, the angels of The Most Merciful glorify Him and yet feel no
fatigue doing so, but human beings eat and sleep, work and get tired, but even with this; they
are still in ‘competition’ with the angels. When they stand to perform their acts of worship
and seek their sustenance, when they are planting and harvesting, toiling and struggling, in
the name of Allah and from Allah and to Allah. The time mankind spends in these acts are
equal to the time spent by the angels glorifying, praising and declaring the majesty of Allah.
They believed in their Lord and followed His Way, and realized His power and pondered
over His Blessings, and recognized His Blessings of food, clothing, and housing, - the
blessing of safety and security.Those who remember Allah sincerely live for their Lord, praying, praising Him, struggling in
His Cause, and acting for His Sake. They have distanced themselves from the deceptions of
this temporary life, and the attractions of this earth, and they have traveled on the path
towards the pleasure of Allah, seeking His Face, remembering His Name at all times and in
all situations. Allah says which translates as: “Say: verily my prayer and my sacrifice, my
life and my death are for Allah the Lord of the worlds. He has no partner, and with this I
have been ordered and I am the first of the Muslims” (Al-An’am: 162-163).
Brs and Srs, The Islamic day starts with the faded darkness of the early dawn, so that the
Muslim may stand devoted and fearful in front of his Lord five times a day; Allah says which
translates as: “and establish the prayer for my remembrance” (Taa Haa: 14). “And
establish the prayer verily Prayer prevents lewdness and evil and the remembrance of Allah
is greater” (Al-Ankabut: 45).
Brother and Sisters, when you ponder on this, you will realize the secret connection between
neglecting prayers and following one’s desires.The Islamic day is mixed with supplications for eating and drinking, traveling and returning,
sleeping and wakefulness, tiresome and difficult times, health and sickness, supplications for
this life and its worries, debts and its payments, seeking ones sustenance, relationship with
one’s family, and the righteousness of children.
Supplications, statements of praise, together with utilizing the proper means and legislated
efforts in this life, so that the Muslim can fulfill the duty of leadership as he should; Faith and
practice, belief and method in apprehensive beginnings. Allah says which translates as: “Our
Lord give us in this life good and in the next life good and save us from the punishment of
the fire” (Al-Baqarah: 201).

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