Happiness - by Dr Ibrahim Al-Bahadly

  • Posted on: 1 October 2014
  • By: Admin RSY

How few are the people who know happiness and peace of mind. Among these few are little who value it, and if we look closely at some of them, we would realize the truth in them is little, 
surrounded by a lot of falsehood. Like a star almost losing its light from the darkness of the night. Many are the calamities that befall us, that fill our horizon with thundering clouds. How often is it that one of us faces things that he does not like when he is deprived from something that he desires and here comes the role of happiness, that chases despair away, and acceptance that negates rebellious. Happiness that goes as a human being wherever he moves to, and settles when he settles is buried with him in his grave. Is the happiness, that Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyah Rahimu Allah, is described at the peak of his feelings, he said:" What can my enemies do to harm me? Will they imprison me? Then I am at privacy and solitude, and if they kill me, then I am a martyr, (Shaheed), and if they expel me, then its traveling for the sake of Allah. Happiness and misery is something that will remain as long as life continues. Each human being on the surface of earth is aggressively searching for happiness, and hoping to attain it at the expense of all that he owns. Some people, who are deluded and deceived, find happiness to be something that has no reality to it, nothing but an imagination, invented from deception that has no reality. The truth is, O Servants of Allah, that such people are ignorant, and deceivers because, it is impossible that, Allah created us to be miserable. Allah says to His Prophet (Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), which translates as: "Taha, we have not sent down to you The Qur'an that you be distressed or miserable"(Ta Ha: 1- 2). In addition Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala says which translates as: "And if they should come to you for guidance from me, then, whoever follows my guidance will neither go astray in the world nor suffer in the hereafter" (Ta Ha: 123). Happiness, O Servants of Allah, is the paradise of dreams. All mankind seek to attain, from the educated at the highest level of intelligence to a simple minded, naïve person. And, from a ruler in a huge castle or mansion to a poor person in a small cell, living in dust with poverty. We don’t think that any of them deliberately look for misery and distress for himself, nor accept that to happen to himself.

O Muslims, a servant without faith is a weak creation. In this weakness, when he is inflicted with harm, he gives up in despair. If he receives good, he becomes miserly. In both situations, he is worried and fearful. As Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala says which translates as: "Indeed mankind was created anxious, when evil touches him in patient, and when good touches him withholding of it except the observers of prayers"(Al-Ma’arij: 19-22).

When a person loses happiness in the heart it is replaced with worry and emotional disturbance. Four monsters gather against him to destroy and weaken him, besides the fact that happiness and peace of mind is lost. These four are grief, sadness, worry, and sleeplessness at night. There is nothing more difficult than the effect of grief in the life of a servant. Since he is a soldier from the soldiers of Allah, He uses it against whomever he wishes from his servants, from those who have weak connections with Allah. Weak spiritually by being, immersed in disobedience and sins. As Allah says which translates as: "And to Allah belongs the soldiers of the heavens and the earth, and ever is Allah is exalted in might and wise"(Al-Fath: 7). Ali ibn Abutalib Radhi Allahu Anhu was asked: "Which is mightiest of the strongest of the soldiers of Allah. Are they the mountains? Mountains could be broken by metals. So metals are stronger. And fire melts metals, so fire is stronger. And water puts out fire, so water is stronger. And clouds carry water, so the clouds are stronger. And winds send the clouds, so the wind is stronger. And the human being stops the wind or prevents it with his hands and his dress, so the human being is stronger. And sleepiness overcomes the human being, so sleepiness is stronger. And grief overcomes sleepiness, so the strongest of the soldiers of Allah is grief. He gives it power over whomever he wishes, from his servants".

Second Khutbah:

O Servants of Allah, that happiness and tranquility and peace of mind is a favor from Allah. Mercy, just like Grief and Worry, as Stress and Anger, is from Allah as a test. Two people could be with similar physical appearances, but they have great differences between them, as the differences between heavens and earth.

At the time of hardship, when matters become serious, when the difference, great difference appears between a happy person who could be envied, and a person at despair, who is afraid, if you see him ask him to seek refuge from Allah from his situation and position. And, Allah mentions such a thing in his book. Regarding the battle of Badr. When He made the believers go to sleep, and the battle is about to start in a few hours. As He says which translates as: "Then after distress, He sent down upon you security in the form of sleepiness overcoming a faction of you. The sleepiness in such a situation is a proof of peace and tranquility and security or those who are firm that Allah will give victory to his messenger and fulfill his promise, and make his hope and wish come true" (Aal-Imran: 154). That’s why Allah says regarding the other group, in the same verse, while another faction is worried about themselves, thinking of Allah other than the truth. The thought of ignorance, saying: "Is there anything for us to have done in this matter," meaning, from Worry, Fear and Despair, this was their situation. This is the situation of the people of doubt. They live between "Buts" and "Ifs". And I wish in sorrow and regret.

Happiness is not something that is measured by quantity nor could it be bought by currency, and no human possesses it to sale it, nor can they take it away from one who attained it or was granted it. Happiness is, faith followed by action, sacrifice and forcing oneself to things that it does not like and to persevere and put up with hardships and difficulties and training the self to face adversities and calamities and hardships with patients. And the happy one is the one who favors the last thing eternal over the vanishing and perishing. As Allah says which translates as: "Indeed those who have believed and done righteous deeds, the most merciful will appoint for them affection"(Mariam: 96). And in another verse, Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala says which translates as: "That is so, and whoever honors the symbol of Allah, indeed it is from the piety of the hearts" (Al-Hajj: 32).

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140 919